Have we lost the POWER?


We the People have been pitted against each other. Us vs them. You vs me. Red vs Blue. Right vs Left.

We have been convinced that “the other side”, our fellow American who does not think like us, our fellow American who does not vote like us, our fellow American who does not look like us, is the problem. 

We have been convinced that our oppressors, those that have taken our power by dividing us are on “our side”. 


“They” (the ruling class) have been instilling us with fear in order to gather more power and transfer wealth from We the People. They create the problems or make problems seem worse than they are just to turn around and ask for more money to solve them, taking our power in the meantime. And a fearful people are easily manipulated, and easily controlled.

We are inundated with crisis after crisis, that more often than not does not effect us in any way, we look to our government for the answers. Our leaders who should be guiding us through hard times, instead warn us of “impending doom“. Racism, gun violence and climate crisis are three great examples of problems.


The ruling class use their allies in the media to push an agenda they want in order to gain public trust and make us think we need them.


Every dollar that leave your pay check and goes to the government reduces your power by reducing your ability to earn a living, provide for others and grow your wealth. 

Every extra tax and fee our small businesses pay reduces their ability to pay their employees a livable wage, reduces your ability to earn more and reduces the ability for our communities to flourish. 

“They” (the ruling class) forces We the People into submission through excessive taxation and regulation. That is not a government that is for the people and by the people.

And who suffers? The average American citizen. Our elected officials enjoy their lucrative, tax-payer funded salaries and top-notch benefits, meanwhile We the People are struggling to get by.


We as Americans need to look to and remember our history and the sacrifices made for our rights and freedoms. The people who forfeited their lives, wants, and desires to fight for your very existence in the space in time you occupy now.


Power is the ability to make the decision. Either we are making the decisions or our or government is, no in between. 

Some decisions, our government should be making in good faith ranging from running our military on a national level to common sense zoning laws on a local level to prevent someone from opening a night club in a residential area. 

But there are many decisions our government makes on our behalf which reduces our power such as planning for our retirement, taking care of our fellow American, educating our children and many more examples.


We no longer take responsibility for our actions.

We shift blame, point fingers and do not look to see how we contribute to problems and what we can do to solve them. 

We are quick to sue others to put more money in our pockets then wonder why our health care costs so much. 

We wonder what someone is going to do about all the plastic waste in the ocean then pay no mind to how much we waste.

We get our phones out and start filming in times of crisis instead of seeing what we can do to help. 

But that is not what empowered people do.


We fall to outrage easily and demonize those who do not think like us. We believe what we want to believe and do not question our own beliefs. 

We no longer think critically and freely, instead, we believe what we are told and form our opinions, likes and dislikes based on the influences surrounding us.

But that is not what empowered people do.


We do not see the fault in our ways, rather, we are quick to blame and find the fault in others. This turns us against each other.

We no longer ask what we can do better to earn more money, rather, we wonder why we are not getting paid what we “deserve”.

We are entitled to the sun, the moon and the stars for no reason whatsoever.


Independence and the concept of freedom and liberty has been conflated with selfishness, because the individual person won’t look out for their neighbor in need. That is true, to some extent. But it is human nature, to look out for oneself prior to branching outwards. After all, prior to take off in a commercial airline, we are told that in the event of an emergency we are to put our own mask on first prior to helping others.

The problem is, that we have been squeezed so dry and so thin that we cannot look out for our fellow American. The Ruling Class have squeezed the life out of us, squeezed our ability to be self-reliant and grow our wealth beyond what we need so we CAN look out for one another.

On top of that, we have been conditioned to believe that it is the government’s job to look out for our fellow American. But it is not our government’s job to look out for those in need, it is our job.

Therefore there are two problems. The first being our ability to look out for our fellow American has diminished. The second problem is our DESIRE to help our fellow American has diminished. We can change that. But we have to take action and we have to take action now for the sake of taking our power back.


There are many reasons why we have lost our power.

It is easy to not have to make the decisions, bear the responsibility and take action, think critically and being told what to think and believe instead. It is easy to let the government tax us so the decision making and responsibility falls to them. It is easy to not be disciplined, to not be humble and do what the group wants you to do. But that is not empowerment.

But more so than anything else, we have lost our power because We the People are divided. We have turned on each other and label those who do not think like us as the enemy. Those that currently have the power will not only stay in power, but get more powerful the longer we are divided. We have to accept that our fellow American may not think like us, accept that fact, refuse to let those differences in ideas divide us and let our differences in ideas strengthen us to achieve a better future for us all.

If we are going to get our power back we have to take action. We have to want to make the decision, bear the responsibility, have mental fortitude and stop labeling each other as the enemy, that is the only way. If not, someone else will have the power because there is always a decision to be made and the people currently in power are the one’s making them.

Do you want to walk the easy path or the empowered path?