We the People either see the problem, those in power, to be either big centralized government, or the wealthy and the big corporations. But have we ever considered that the ruling class is a combination of both?

There are a few amount of people...

That occupy public office anywhere from the halls of Congress to Mayors of a city, an appointed government position such as a director of an agency, or the private sector such as CEOs of wealthy corporations.

ALL they care about is their power and wealth which they will do anything to preserve. And looking out for the American people is the last thing these people care about.

The Ruling Class IS the wealthy

Who are able to lobby and influence our elected officials for their benefit.

AND Big, Centralized Government

And the more centralized government becomes, the more decisions are made by a small group of people, the more easily corrupted these people become by the wealthy.

They have divided We the People, convinced us that our fellow American who does not think like us is the problem and that we need them so they may remain in power.

One of the best chances We the People have at uniting

Is to understand this very simple concept. The right and left among us are barking up the same tree, just on two different sides.

While the following five counties immediately outside of Washington DC greatly surpass that amount?

What does Washington DC and the people who live in the surrounding area REALLY do, in order to be so wealthy?


All they do, day in and day out is think of ways to take more of our power and wealth.

Quite literally, funding their pay checks with our tax dollars, they work tirelessly on this one goal while We the American people are just trying to get by.

They amplify crisis after crisis to convince us that we NEED them

And they divide us by our labels...

Left vs right. Gay vs straight. Black vs white and every other label you can think of is only meant to divide us and keep us distracted from the real problem. The corrupt ruling class.

But at the end of the day, we are all Americans.

Once we realize that. Once we cast aside our labels and unite as Americans. We can begin to take our power back.

We the People must cast aside our labels and refocus our sights on the corrupt ruling class in order to take our power back!

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We do not make the decisions


We do not take responsibility


And more!