Take a few seconds and imagine an empowered person. What are some characteristics of this person? 

Does this person make the decisions?

Take action?

Think rationally and critically?

Is this person disciplined?



The purpose of this page is to give you a different perspective about what empowerment really is.

We The American People

Need to ask ourselves where we want the decision-factor to fall, for every single decision, ranging from what time we go to bed to how our military operates. These two examples are on opposites sides of the spectrum of decision making, but what about everything else in between? Let’s go over two examples, public education and welfare.

Within our public school system, households are locked within school districts and do not have any say on where their child goes to school, what their children are taught or by whom. More often than not, that power rests with the teacher’s unions and school boards, not the people.

Within our welfare program We the People cannot make the decision on how much we want to contribute to those in need and where it goes for that matter. Our government decides and we must hope and pray our money is not wasted and abused.


And the more decisions we make, the more empowered we are. It really is, that simple.


We should simply use tax-payer dollars to assist households in need and allow them to make the decision where to send their child to school, and use tax-payer dollars to assist private charities, if needed.


Ideally We the People would be the “prime-mover” to help our fellow American, but if we are going to use tax-payer dollars to help the needy, they should be used to assist charities, not put government in the position of being the prime mover in helping those in need. We the People should be, and as a matter of fact, our dollar will go a lot farther, if we were.

“…about 75% of the tax dollars that are targeted to welfare programs actually go to the middle-class administrators rather than the needy…” (How Effective Is Government Welfare Compared To Private Charity. -Advocates For Self Government.)

Who is making the decisions? Who has the power? Certainly not the people these days. 

Once we realize that government is nothing more than people like you and me, flawed people, imperfect people, people who make mistakes and people who can be corrupted by the pursuit of power. AND if we can understand that making decisions is the main aspect of power, it is easy to understand why it is important for the people to make as many decisions as possible.

But in order for the people to be EMPOWERED, we must do more than simply make the decisions...

For every decision that is made or not made

There is a certain element of responsibility we must bear. Empowered people do not place blame on others for the wrongs in our world and look to others to solve problems. Empowered people take responsibility by looking to see if they contribute to the problem, look inward, then take action to solve them.

Therefore, empowerment is bearing responsibility

Empowerment is also mental fortitude, discipline and humility

Empowered people think clearly, critically and rationally and does not fall prey to group-think or tribalism.

Empowered people incorporate discipline and humility in their lives, strive to learn the truth and overcome cognitive biases.

Empowered people look inward and take action to solve problems and do not place the blame on some other person or entity for problems in their lives.

The less the individual relies on someone or something else, the more empowered we are.

Empowerment is self reliance

Owning a home, land or even your own business are all great ways to be self-reliant and grow wealth, and even generational wealth. This begs the question, why did so many elected officials strive to shut down small businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic yet allow big corporate stores to remain open?

Why are investment firms buying so many homes throughout our country? Could it be there is a nefarious objective to reduce the people’s ability to own a home and own a business?

Unfortunately, we, as a people are losing our ability to be self-reliant and grow our wealth because we are becoming more reliant on our government to get by, which overtime has become more centralized and more influenced by the wealthy which has emboldened the Ruling Class.

But our current reality, was not how it was in the past. Today, more often than not, a household with two adults require both adults to work in order to get by. It was not always like this. What will our future be like in thirty years? Will we be completely dependent on the elites? Will we forever loose our ability to be self-reliant?

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What is the Ruling Class?


Is it big government? Is it the wealthy?


Maybe its both?