In an America on the brink of losing her freedom and liberties forever, it is now more important than ever for each and every one of us to cast aside our differences, unite and take action.

Too many of us

Are eager to take action, yet wait around for someone to tell them what to do or don’t know what to do.

We must stop waiting for something to happen. We must stop waiting for someone to save us. Because if we are waiting for someone to save us, why bother taking action? Why bother doing anything?

We must ask ourselves the following question, “if not me, than who?”

Too many people do not know what to do and do not understand the importance of their action, so let’s go over some examples and TAKE ACTION!

Note: The following list of items is a living document. Email corbin@empoweryourvoice.org to contribute.

Take Action By Saying NO

Action doesn’t always have to be “action”. We can actually take action by NOT doing some things.

Say NO To Processed Foods

It is beyond common knowledge at this point, we just don’t want to face the music because we are too comfortable. Processed foods, fast foods and the like are doing untold damages to our health and well being.

If you want to join the fight for liberty and freedom for all (or any fight for that matter), we need to be as healthy as possible, because this is going to take a lot of energy. 

Start first by taking care of yourself and say NO to processed foods and fast foods!

Say NO To Large, Big-Box Stores

Corporate America has done untold damages to our country. In pursuit of profits, large corporations and greedy CEOs have steam rolled over our ability to be wealthy and self-reliant, by owning a small business. There is absolutely no way the average American could open his or her own store and compete with a Wal-Mart, a Target or perhaps the biggest behemoth of them all, Amazon.

So why do we continue to fund these killers of small businesses? Because its convenient for us to do so while our country suffers and our fellow Americans continue to be stuck in abject poverty because there aren’t enough ways to break the chains? Many of these large corporate stores don’t even reflect the values of many Americans and donate to causes that are destructive to our way of life.

Chances are you are not in favor of the destructive movement that is Black Lives Matter, but we have indirectly donated to them by shopping at these stores and perhaps others not on this list. How about companies that force their employees to inject themselves with an experimental drug in order to retain employment? Why are we supporting them with our dollar?

Try to shop at as many small businesses as possible instead of large, corporate stores that do not cherish our country like you do!

Say NO To Excessive Social Media Exposure

Much like processed foods, it is beyond common knowledge, at this point, that excessive social media is degrading our mental health. Why is our incessant scrolling acceptable? It shouldn’t be!

Take action by taking care of your mental health and limit your social media exposure. Try to discipline yourself by allowing yourself to be on social media for a certain period of the day.

Say NO To Corporate And Click-Bait Media

Many media outlets rely on one thing, your view or your click.

Have you every wondered why there is so much negative news instead of positive news? It is because we are naturally attracted to the negative, enticing news as opposed to the news that sends a good message or tells the story of someone doing a good act.

As a result, our news cycle is dominated with an endless stream of fear. What damage is corporate and click-bait media doing to our country? Our culture? Our mental health? Take action and say NO to these destructive practices!

Take Action By Doing The Little Things

Display an American Flag On Your Property

Patriotism is on a sharp decline in our country. That is a HUGE problem! Unfortunately, there is a misconception among some of us that the American flag stands for Republicans, Conservatives or “the right”, when in reality, the American flag stands for freedom and liberty for all!

Display an American flag with pride and tell the world it is OK to be proud to be an American!

Subscribe To This Newsletter And Follow On Social Media

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Shop At Small Businesses

Small Business is not only one of the backbones of our country, but perhaps the best way for the American people to be financially independent. (Ever wondered why small business was a main target by the corrupt politicians throughout the COVID-19 pandemic?)

Support your fellow Americans trying to earn a living! Not a CEO with a multi-million dollar salary!

Support Local Farms Directly

Where does the food you consume come from? Do you know?

Does the fast food industry have your best health interests at heart? Or are they willing to pump cheap food out their doors to turn a profit?

Eat Wild has a comprehensive list of local farmers for you to choose from and support! Will in be a little more expensive, perhaps.

But the benefits HIGHLY outweigh the costs as you will be supporting your fellow America as opposed to some corporation and CEO. And you will also be eating healthier and cleaner!

Buy Made In USA Products And Do Not Buy Products Made In China

Manufacturing in the USA has been on a sharp decline, and it now, essentially nonexistent. A large portion of our goods now comes from China, and when we purchase Chinese goods, we are indirectly supporting the Communist Party of China.

As a result, the quality of our products decreased (for a cheaper price), our fellow American’s lost jobs and our country’s overall success and wealth diminished.

Type into your preferred search engine something like “Made in USA only” and take action!

Take Action By Empowering Yourself With Education Through Podcasts

It is difficult to take action without being informed. Unfortunately, information hits the airwaves at a million miles per hour and changes just as fast. Fortunately, there are many good sources of professionals to choose from who dedicate their careers to breaking down the information. Check out the below recommendations!

Timcast IRL

Self-described as a “disaffected Liberal”, Tim Pool, host of Tim Cast IRL breaks down mainstream news, exposes media biases and frequently hosts popular guests who provide excellent insight and knowledge about the events unfolding around us in the world today.

Tim Pool is also working on fighting mainstream media bias head on by launching his own news organization!

The Rubin Report - With Dave Rubin

Host of the popular podcast, the Rubin Report, Dave Rubin helps keep the American people informed by providing national, mainstream news coverage and frequently hosts well-known guests.

Dave Rubin has also launched his own social media platform to counter big-tech tyranny head on.

The Daily Wire

The Daily Wire is conservative-leaning media outlet which provides counter-mainstream narrative news, opinion and entertainment.

The Daily Wire produces a wide range of 

We Hold These Truth's - With Dan Crenshaw

Sitting Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw hosts a very popular podcast, shares his expert knowledge and frequently hosts extremely knowledge guests to cover a wide range of topics. Dan Crenshaw also shares his insider knowledge on Capitol Hill to inform the people as to what is really going on, and to what the media refuses to report.

Search for “We Hold These Truths” or “Dan Crenshaw” on your favorite podcast app!

Take your action one step further and subscribe to these podcasts and give them all five stars!

Take Action By Getting Involved With Or Donating To An Organization

There is a lot of dark money in our country funding corrupt politicians and anti-American organizations. It is time for the people to use our dollar, to our advantage by supporting other projects and organizations that represent our values.


Convention Of States

Our federal government has grown beyond reproach! It was intended from the start, to have few and defined powers.

Join an organization dedicated to finally putting a stop to that!

Turning Point USA

TPUSA is a nationwide movement to win back America’s culture from the fringe extremists that have infected America’s institutions from our colleges and universities to the halls of Congress and many more institutions.


California School Choice Foundation

School Choice is a tangible and actual way for We the People to take our power back from the corrupt ruling class and teacher’s unions! School Choice will allow us to use existing funds (that are currently only allocated for public school) towards an accredited educational institution of the parent’s choice.

Let Them Breathe

Let Them Breathe is a movement powered by parents who are fed up with mask-mandates in schools. Regardless of our opinion, the decision of putting masks on our kids should be left up to the parents, not the government to enforce a mandate for everyone, that isn’t their job!

Re Open San Diego

Discrimination is unacceptable, we can all agree with that, so why are we ok with MEDICAL discrimination? Re Open San Diego is leading the charge to end discrimination of all types and working with local businesses who will refuse to discriminate based on vaccination status or mask preference. The choice is up to you! We the People have the power with our choice!

San Diego Rise Up

San Diego Rise Up is a collection of San Diegans who are concerned about the future of our country. From government overreach, small business shut downs, vaccination or mask mandates, We the People will empower our voices and say enough!