Constantly tell us they want to empower the people. But what do they really mean?


Power is making the decisions

Those that make the decision, are in power. Either government, or the people are making the decision. Yes. It really is, that simple.

Power is Responsibility

In order to be empowered, one must bear the responsibility of that decision, or indecision for that matter. 

Power is mental fortitude

An empowered person thinks clearly, freely, critically, rationally and does not fall to petty outrage or group think.

Power is discipline

Discipline sets you free, and freedom leads to empowerement.

Power is humility

In order to become empowered, we must first recognize that we are not perfect and that we can, and have made mistakes.

Power is self reliance

The less the individual relies on someone, or something else, the more empowered we are. It is common sense, at this point.

Who Has the Power?


Everyone can generally agree the people do not have the power.


The only problem is, we cannot agree on WHO has the power.


The right says big government has the power, the left says the big corporations and the wealthy have the power. But have we considered that it might be both?


We have turned against each other and think we need those who have taken our power. We no longer make the decisions, we have forgotten the importance of independence and many more reasons…

HOW can we become EMPOWERED?

TRULY taking our power back will come in a way that no one else will tell you. Because the true path to empowerment is not an easy one to walk.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing