Can we take our power back?

The path to EMPOWERMENT will be a difficult path to walk, but those who want empowerment will walk it. The five steps are:

Start Caring

Pay Attention

Be Skeptical


Take Action

STEP ONE: Start Caring

Power aspect: Personal Responsibility

The first step to empowerment is the easiest, the quickest, will not take you any time, effort or money for that matter and will take you approximately half a second to complete. You must simply switch your mentality from “I do not care” to “I care”. If you already do care, please proceed to step two.

Too many people do not care, and that is, perhaps, the main reason why our power has been taken from us.

If you immediately turn your mind off when someone mentions the “politics”, then don’t.

If you think the events happening in our country are outside your control, then don’t.

Refuse to believe that our country is on an irreversible path!

We must start caring first, we must want to care first before we can even begin to think about taking our power back.

Take the first step on the path to Empowerment by saying “I CARE”.

STEP TWO: Pay Attention

Power aspect: Discipline

The best way to pay attention, is to listen to independent media outlets. Why? Because they are not controlled. “Corporate media”, is controlled and paid for, therefore influenced by advertisers. Independent media is not.

If all we are watching is cable news, we are only being told what they want us to hear. We must expand our sources of information, and there are plenty to choose from. Unfortunately we have created a culture that thinks we are informed, when in reality we are not. We have been sold the lie that a five minute exchange between the talking heads on cable news is enough for us to form an opinion. The exact opposite is true!

We must start to distance ourselves from the control that bought and paid for, corporate media has over our lives.

A great way to pay attention is to listen to podcasts, especially longer podcasts where the host has at least one guest and they share ideas, critically and rationally. Although it is easy to be dismayed by longer podcasts, the secret is that these longer podcasts can be digested slowly, over a period of time, such as more than one day.

We should not form an opinion over any issue after reading an article or listening to the “talking heads” argue for a couple of minutes. It should take us, quite some time, to form an opinion of anything.

It is not expected for us to know everything, we just need to simply pay attention. A slow trickle of information into our lives is the easiest path forward. There is a lot of time in our day-to-day routine where we could be listening to a podcast, but we are not. On our commute to and from work, while shopping for groceries, while walking our dog, cooking dinner or doing some chores.

Take the second step on the path to Empowerment by saying PAY ATTENTION.

STEP THREE: Be Skeptical

Power aspect: Mental Fortitude

Have you ever heard the saying “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me?” This means shame on us, the individual, if we fall for the same trick twice. Unfortunately, we are falling for the same trick, that is media bias, manipulation, misinformation and plain and simple lying, time and time and time again.

The main culprits are the “legacy” or the “corporate” and “establishment” media, who, showed their true colors to the American public in their pursuit to destroy Donald Trump after the 2016 election. But “the right” is not the only target of our legacy media, as other prominent figures on the 2016 Democratic ticket such as Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders were eviscerated leading up to the election by corporate-media. Anyone who gets in the way of the Ruling Class’s power, has been, and will be targeted.

There are three levels of media manipulation that we are routinely exposed to. Bias, misinformation or spin and lying.



Media bias is not a major concern, but is given too much credit for the creation of our country’s problems, when the reality is much deeper than that. 

If this was the only problem in our media today, this website and movement probably would not exist. 

An example of bias is when a right-leaning outlet promotes the border wall, and a left-leaning outlet condemns it. We all have bias and it is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as we know and recognize the bias of those who is providing the information.

It is up to us to ask the question “is that true?”. It is up to us to have the mental fortitude and develop the necessary critical thinking skills, bypass our bias if we have any and form a rational and critical opinion.




Donald Trump hates immigrants! He said all Mexicans are rapists!

Is that true?

Our corporate media published articles such as this one which states President Trump said “Mexicans are rapists“. However, there is a difference from saying the words “all Mexicans are rapists” and what President Trump actually said, in that they are sending rapists across the border, or Mexico isn’t sending their best.

Because its true!

Rapists were, and still are coming across our border. Does that mean all Mexicans, or all immigrants are rapists? Of course not. To say there are rapists in America, is a true statement. Does that mean ALL Americans are rapists? Of course not.

They “spun” what Donald Trump said.

When our media does this to We the People they sow the seeds of division and discord into our society. They know exactly what they are doing and they do it on purpose. It is disgusting and it is unacceptable. Those who voted for Donald Trump and/or planned to vote for him in the 2020 election either knew the truth or swept his alleged claim that all Mexicans rapists under the rug. And those who did not vote for Trump used this as ammunition to point the finger at Trump supporters, asking them how they could support such a horrible person and grounding themselves deeper into the belief that they made the right decision to not vote for Trump. 

That is a perfect example of how they divide and pit us against each other. We point fingers at each other, thinking our fellow American is to blame for our country’s problems yet none the wiser to the real culprits, the Ruling Class.



After Donald Trump was sworn into office, the Ruling Class used their friends within our legacy media and became laser-focused on the one person in their way of gaining more power. They proceeded to peddle lie after lie after lie, such as claiming President Trump called Neo Nazi’s very fine people, or said all Mexicans are rapists, or claimed he said we should drink bleach, or implemented a Muslim ban. And to no one’s surprise, their lies have not stopped. And let’s not forget about the infamous Russian Collusion hoax, or as Roger Kimball for The Spectator states “Let’s call the Russian Collusion hoax for what it really is…a SCANDAL...” (Source

Full disclaimer, this is not an attempt to defend the former President or absolve him of any wrongs he committed in the past, it is merely an attempt to show people the lies of our media.

They distorted our reality, and although Donald Trump is not going to be canonized anytime soon, he definitely was not the devil they made him out to be. If you believed any of the above lies, ask yourself what else have you been lied to about? What else have you believed that is not true? 


To provide yet another example leading up to the 2020 election, the Atlantic published a scorching hit piece aimed at then President Trump which claimed he called war heroes suckers and losers. The only problem was, it was completely made up. And perhaps a bigger problem is that it is still published today.

Is the truth not relevant anymore? 

Take the third step on the path to Empowerment by BEING SKEPTICAL.

STEP FOUR: Self-Reflect

Power aspect: Humility

Step four, self-reflect, will be the hardest step for many people to take, even harder than step five, take action. Why? Because we have to admit that WE are not perfect. We are fallible. We have made mistakes.

WE are human, no one is perfect and it is difficult for the individual to look in the mirror and find their own faults, but we must, in order to take our power back.

This is where humility comes into play. Have you ever heard the phrase “every time you point a finger there are three more pointing back at you”? Very important. Every time we point a finger, every time we place blame on someone or something else, more often than not, there is reason to find fault in ourselves and our own actions first.

Jennifer Kuhst wrote an article for Psychology Today titled “Three Fingers Pointing Back To You” 

“…We want to relocate the ugliness we feel about ourselves and put it into someone else…The fancy psychoanalytic term for this unconscious process is projective identification. We get rid of the unwanted feelings (projection) and identify them as belonging to someone else (identification). I call it the shame relocation plan.”

Before we are able to take the fifth and final step to empowerment, we must look inwards, find our own faults and fix ourselves prior to changing the world. But that takes a heavy dose of humility.

Take the forth step on the path to Empowerment and SELF-REFLECT.

STEP FIVE: Take Action

Power aspect: Decision Making, Rugged-Individualism

There are two types of people in this world. Those who do nothing. And those who take action. Refuse to fall into the first category. But the problem is that too many good and decent Americans are choosing to do nothing, because we have been convinced that everything happening is outside of our control. As a result, we have lost our power.

But we must correct that mindset. With a sense of urgency!

Fortunately, “action” does not have to be some grand expedition. We do not need to build a website, start a podcast, take on the ruling class or transit the Atlantic ocean via kayak. Our action could be very simple, such as supporting those who are fighting. Going out of our way to purchase from a small, privately owned business instead of a big-box store. Tuning out corporate, hyper-sensationalized media and taking time to listen to a podcast and explore a new idea, and challenging our beliefs at the same time. Subscribing to Empower Your Voice’s newsletter and following on social media (donating wouldn’t hurt either). Have a political discussion with a friend, a family member, a neighbor or a co-worker, while seeking to understand as opposed to pushing your world view onto others.

Those are just some examples, but at the end of the day action is required by every decent American and Empower Your Voice is calling on you to take action.

Our country needs everyone to take action, no matter how large or how small that action might be. Find some action that you can take, and take it. 

Take the fifth and final step on the path to Empowerment and TAKE ACTION!

But more so than all of these five steps…

We the People must elect politicians who will shift the decision-factor back to the people.

The decision factor must be as close to the individual as possible. If the individual cannot reasonably make the decision, then the decision factor shifts upwards to the appropriate level of government.

But what we are seeing today is a reverse thought process, we are looking first to the federal government (or just government in general) for the answer, when we should first, look to ourselves for the answer. For example, charity in the form of welfare. Choosing to donate to those in need is an easy decision for the people do make, but that decision power has been taken from us because our federal government is involved in helping those in need.

The more centralized government becomes, the more emboldened the ruling class becomes and the easier it is for government to be exploited, because the voice of the average citizen like you and me is weaker the further away government is from them. Thomas Jefferson, one of our country’s founders wrote a letter to Justice William Monticello in 1823 which includes a very important statement.

“…I believe the States can best govern our home concerns, the general [federal] government our foreign ones. I wish therefore…never to see all offices transferred to Washington, where further withdrawn from the eyes of the people, they may more secretly be bought and sold at market.”

Thomas Jefferson warned us of the nightmare we are living in today. Unfortunately, wealth has been transferring from the average American to Washington DC for many decades, and both Republicans and Democrats are responsible for this atrocity. As a result, we the people have lost our power.

Our founding fathers designed the federal government to have specific duties and responsibilities in order to keep our union intact, with everything else defaulting to the states or the people.

As we progress more to central planning and authority, our voice becomes weaker and we become much less empowered. Trillions of dollars are now “up for sale” in Washington DC, making corruption extremely easy and tempting.

This is not to say corruption at the state or local level is impossible, but rather, less beneficial for those who do the corruption, and it is easier for the people to fight back because the closer the government is to the people, the stronger our voice becomes.

If we want power back to the people, we have to want to make the decision, accept the burden of responsibility and have mental fortitude, seek humility, seek a disciplined life and understand that our individual liberties and a sense of individualism is empowerment. Every single decision that is made has to be as close to the individual as possible. A politician behind a microphone saying “vote for me and I will do _____ (fill in the blank)” is not how you create an empowered people. That is how you create a dependent people. That is how you create a slave class. Not a free people.

On our current course, we are headed towards a federally funded welfare state, a corporate oligarchy and a government that has control over We the People. A reality not too far away if we continue to do nothing. A reality that goes against our independent American Spirit.

Although transferring the wealth from Washington DC back to the American people is a key step in getting our power back, the answer is more complicated than that. A cultural shift will be required. The American people will need to want to make the decision which benefits the collective group, instead of having their government make that decision for us. The American people will need to want to bear the responsibility and have mental fortitude in every regard. Remember, it is easy to not make the decision, bear the responsibility and have mental fortitude, but that is not empowerment. The American people must have the desire to take action to be empowered.

It is time to turn our ship around. This is going to be a long, uphill battle that could take many years, but it is a battle worth taking on. And it is a battle that cannot wait to be started.

No more petitions. No more pleading. No more asking for government to give us our power back or to hold themselves accountable. This will be an action based and result seeking movement.

If you are reading this I am calling on you to take action and join this movement.

Together, let’s take our power back.

You Either Desire Empowerment. Or You Desire To Be Taken Care Of.