Not yet. Empower Your Voice has not yet filed for 501(C)3, tax-exempt status but plans on doing so by May 1st, 2021 and hopes to acquire this status by the end of the year.

Empower Your Voice is a public benefit corporation, therefore you will be donating to an organization as opposed to an individual.

Every single dollar will be spent to promote Empower Your voice such as using funds for legal fees, purchasing promotional materials, producing professionally made content.

A monthly expenditure report will be provided every month which will track every dollar in and out.

The best way you can help now, since Empower Your Voice is just getting started is take some time, familiarize yourself with Empower Your Voice and leave a note here if you are able to contribute any knowledge or insight to help build upon this movement. 

Second, help build the social media accounts, follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and sign up for the newsletter all below!

Third, spread the message! Get a friend or family member to follow on social media as well!

Fourth, if you are interested and want to financially support this movement, please donate $1 a month here! Thank you!