It is time for the good people of America to unite and speak up!


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Empower Your Voice is a non-partisan, Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation designed to encourage the American people to take action and speak up against the evil in this world. Together, we will unite the people and take our power back by uniting under freedom for all, unconditional liberty and refocusing our sights on the corrupt ruling class which has divided the people and taken our power!

Speak up




We are all Americans

We are on the same side, the side of the people. We must accept our differences but refuse to let those differences define us and divide us.

Let us get united under our common American values that were conceived in liberty so we may refocus our sights on the corrupt ruling class that has taken our power and divided the people against each other.

But we have become divided

Pitted against each other by those in power, we have grown into a fearful people who have lost our power.

These people in power continue to make our lives more difficult every day and take advantage of crises to convince us we need them.

We have all been lied to. We have had our power taken from us.

And once we realize we have all been lied to, we can take our first steps towards taking our power back.

It is time to speak up and unite

It is now up to us, the people, to rise up, speak up and remind each other that WE have power. We have ALWAYS had the power.

We must choose to unite with our fellow American in order to reclaim that power. We must understand that we will have our differences and that is ok.

It is time to take action, speak up, end the hate, end the fear and unite the people.

It is time to empower your voice!


Corbin addresses the San Diego County Board of Supervisors on October 5th, 2021, reminds them of what their place is and warns them of what is to come…


Unconditional liberty and inalienable rights, the concept that our rights do not come from government, are the best ways to promote empowerment to the people. When the people are free and independent and self reliant, we are in power.

The American people do not exchange ideas with their fellow American or learn form each other’s experiences anymore. Instead, we listen to the talking heads on the TV or trust the news we read. As a result, we have become a divided and fearful country. This needs to change.

For far too long, our politicians have sold out our country for their benefit and the benefit of other countries. We the People need to come together and prioritize what is best for our country, not what the political party we favor is promoting.

Make no mistake, there are many people inside and outside our government that only want power. And either they have the power, or We the People do.

These people spend a lot of time and money to keep the people divided by any means necessary, skin color, economic class or status, religious beliefs, political preference and any other label you can think of. And their latest labels? Vaccinated vs unvaccinated.

They have us convinced that our fellow American who does not think like us or agree with us are our enemies, and they are our allies, when the exact opposite is true.

Even if you disagree with your fellow American, we are all on the same side and we can ony take our power back from the corrupt ruling class once we understand that our differences need not divide us, and unite once and for all.

Guiding Principles

Discuss Ideas, Not People

Far too often we discuss people, attack their character traits and personality. This practice dilutes our ability to have rational conversations and critically exchange ideas to progress forward as a society.

Seek The Truth

When pursuing truth, when truth is on your side, you can never go wrong. Seek the pursuit of truth in everything you say and every action you take.

Self Reflect And Take Responsibility

Every time we point a finger at someone, there are three more fingers pointing back at us. Often times, the problems in our lives, or in our country for that matter, are a result of our action, or inaction.

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